As you may have noticed, Arkotype has had a makeover.

Up to this point the I felt that the project never really had an identity beyond the 'owl cadet' logo, so I've spent the last few months working on a V2 - the aim was to make the brand feel more cohesive, consistent and confident.

I've also restructured the way in which work will be presented - I felt that the old website was starting to get a bit bloated, so moving forward only 'real' projects will feature on the website - Concepts, archived work and anything else that doesn't quite fit will be posted to Arkotype's new Behance portfolio.

For those interested in knowing more about the brand, I've put together a guideline document which shows the make up of all the various elements - you can find that here.

I'll be using this journal as somewhere to share thoughts and insights into the work I produce, as well as some periodical posts about design around games and video game culture. I should also have some information on upcoming projects in the near future, including something big that I've been wanting to do for years (It's not a poster).

In the meantime, any feedback (good or bad!) on the new look would be welcomed - either via email or Twitter (Links can be found in the footer).