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↓ Background

Arkotype is a project with purpose — The expression, consideration and celebration of video games through design and creativity. Arkotype exists to facilitate projects that combine thoughtfulness and character with excellence in execution.

↓ Process

Although each project is unique, Arkotype has a uniform approach to ensure that each project has output of the highest standards, both conceptually and in terms of execution. Collaborative projects are undertaken as working relationships, so that outcomes are determined in partnership.

↓ Clients + Collaborators

AudioBeast / Brave Wave productions / Cook & Becker / Dadako / Dragonbaby / Mojang / No More Robots / Panic Barn / Polytron Corporation / SpecialEffect / SEGA / Straka.Studio

↓ Contact

If you're interested in working with Arkotype on a particular project, have any enquires or want to follow, please use the links below. 

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